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Stone Meadow
Property Owners Association
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Welcome to Stone Meadow Property Owners Association (SMPOA)


Welcome to the Stone Meadow Property Owners Association (SMPOA) Home Page.  The site has been set up to provide easy access to frequently asked questions, member reference documents, and a calendar of events.  


The site is designed to better serve the Stone Meadow community by keeping you informed about upcoming events and items of interest.  If you have comments or suggestions for making this a better site, please feel free to contact us.





Stone Meadow Pool Updates

Stone Meadow Pool COVID-19 Restrictions


We are going through a period of great uncertainty caused by COVID-19.  As the circumstances and restrictions in each state, city and county continue to evolve, it is our priority to keep you safe while enjoying the swimming pool this summer.  We are planning to open the pool this Saturday, May 23, but with the following changes and guidelines. 


What we are doing:


·         The pool will be open at 10 AM as in the past, but will close at 8 PM.


·         The hot tub will remain closed. 


·         The pavilion will not be reserved for parties. 


·          The pool will be open to Stone Meadow residents only (no guests).  Anyone under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.  Photo IDs are required and will be subject to both call-in and random checks by security personnel under contract with SMPOA.  Anyone with IDs with addresses not included in SMPOA’s current resident database will be directed to leave immediately, since use of the pool is temporarily restricted to Stone Meadow residents, and guests are not allowed access to the use of the pool at this time. To report pool security issues, please contact Midwest Security at 881-3405.


·         Capacity inside the pool area will have to be limited to 40 people.  This is the formula for Phase 2 of the Springfield-Greene County Road to Recovery Plan.  We will update residents about Phase 3 in mid-June.   


·         Pool furniture, such as lounge chairs and tables, will be spaced 6’ apart and should be left in place.  Exception:  Families may sit together.  Please put the furniture back in the original position when you depart.


·         The pool is under video surveillance and anyone breaking the rules will lose pool privileges.


·         For sanitary purposes, we are not able to keep any pool toys and towels that are left behind.  They will be disposed of at the end of each day.


What you can do:

·         Monitor your symptoms.  If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or show any of the symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing, chills and body aches), stay home.


·         Know the rules and follow them.


·         Check your area thoroughly before you leave as there is no lost and found for items left behind. 


·         Bring your own sanitization supplies to clean table and chair surfaces. These items will not be provided for residents.  The pool manager will be cleaning the bathrooms daily. 


·         Do not bring any oversized inflatables as they will not be allowed inside the pool.


Please know this is not easy on anyone and please have patience as we all navigate this new way of living.  Be respectful of others and if you see the pool is starting to get crowded and you have been there for hours, please consider leaving to allow others to enjoy the pool as well. 


These guidelines are subject to change based on state, city, and county guidelines.  Our hope is that some of the restrictions will be lifted over time.  Conversely, if residents fail to abide by these rules, it may be necessary to close the pool.  We will keep you informed. 


Thank you for your patience as we seek to provide the benefits of our neighborhood while taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our residents. 



Stone Meadow Board of Directors

Stone Meadow Annual Meeting Update

2020 Stone Meadow Annual Meeting - Postponed until further notice - See communications below.  Please start with Neighborhood Meeting Notice:

Documents for 2020 Annual Meeting:

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