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Stone Meadow
Property Owners Association
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Welcome to Stone Meadow Property Owners Association (SMPOA)


Welcome to the Stone Meadow Property Owners Association (SMPOA) Home Page.  The site has been set up to provide easy access to frequently asked questions, member reference documents, and a calendar of events.  


The site is designed to better serve the Stone Meadow community by keeping you informed about upcoming events and items of interest.  If you have comments or suggestions for making this a better site, please feel free to contact us.





Stone Meadow Updates

Pool Incidents - Resident assistance requested

On Sunday August 25, there were two separate incidents where groups of teenage boys engaged in vandalism and dangerous behavior at the pool, all of which was captured by our security cameras.


In the first incident, four boys jumped the fence shortly after 11:00 am and proceeded to:

  • Remove a drain cover from hot tub damaging the drain attachment (this created a dangerous situation that required closing the pool as soon as it was discovered)
  • Attempted to climb onto the pool house roof damaging shingles
  • Moved picnic tables to the deep end edge of the pool, soaped and hosed them down, and then repeatedly ran towards and launched themselves across the tables into the pool
  • Threw a pavilion umbrella and metal chair into the pool and dragged the umbrella around damaging it
  • Tried to move or push over the soda machine
  • Poured soap into the hot tub


In the second incident, shortly after 7:00 pm, a group of ~10 boys used an uninvolved resident’s card to get into the pool (which had signs up indicating it was closed due to the earlier incident) and proceeded to:

  • Engage in same behavior with the picnic tables
  • More soap in the hot tub


An unidentified adult put an end to the second round.


These incidents were preceded by two incidents earlier in the summer in which a group of boys:

  • Poured soap in the hot tub and repeatedly rode a skate board into it
  • Kicked out both shower doors punching a hole in one of the shower walls
  • Knocked out a grill slat in the pool house equipment room door


All of this topped off a summer in which the board felt it necessary to hire security patrols to address many resident complaints about bad teenage behavior at the pool.


The board is asking for neighborhood assistance in identifying the culprits so that they may be held to account.  Video footage indicates most or all of them came to the pool via golf cart, so our suspicion is that most or all are neighborhood residents.  Our intent is take prudent measures to reduce problems next year, including imposing fines to cover costs of damages and security patrols, and to ban the worst offenders from using the pool next season. 

Please review screen shots from both incidents located  the 'Pool Incidents" folder in the 'Property Owner Resources' section of this website and contact our management office at 886-8606 or if you can provide useful information.  View Pool incidents! 




The SMPOA Board

Check the FAQ section for details on Stone Meadow's revised rules for Golf Carts (Golf Carts FAQ) and other motorized vehicles (ATV FAQ).

As always, please be a courteous neighbor.  Keep your lawn well maintained, sidewalks and curbs edged and free of weeds and lawn clippings.  Do not dump yard waste on neighborhood property or alter neighborhood property in any way without board approval.  Garage your trash cans, control your dogs and always pick up after them on walks.  

Remember to close garage doors at night and lock your car if it is parked outside.  Report suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Department. 

A special thank you to the volunteers working to make Stone Meadow a great place to live!